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Weideman v Interlakes Engineering 4.07

Section 48

REMUNERATION, Back pay award, National Labor Relations Board, Payment of damages, Settlement agreement

CITE AS: Weideman v Interlakes Engineering Co, No. 744941 AE, Macomb Circuit Court (November 28, 1975).

Appeal pending: No

Claimant: William Weideman, et al

Employer: Interlakes Engineering Co.

Docket No: B73 3107 43951 et al

CIRCUIT COURT HOLDING: Back pay received as the result of an N.L.R.B. settlement agreement is remuneration under Section 48 of the Act, even where the amount is less than the claimed loss of wages.

FACTS: The claimants received $10,000.00 under a settlement agreement approved by the National Labor Relations Board. The claimants alleged their total wage loss was $26,000.00. "It is claimed that the Appellants assumed that the actual compensation for loss of wages was covered by their unemployment benefits from the MESC and that the $10,000.00 settlement was remuneration for loss of fringe benefits."

DECISION: The back pay is remuneration under the Act.

RATIONALE: The Court quoted the text of the settlement agreement:



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