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Chapter 8 FILING FOR BENEFITS, REPORTING Sections 28(1)(b), 32

Kuprashuk v Greyhound Lines 8.01

Section 28(1)(b)

FILING FOR BENEFITS, Timeliness in filing claim, Good cause, Union grievance, Unfamiliarity with the Act, Justifiable reason

CITE AS: Kuprashuk v Greyhound Lines, No. 83-334785-AE, Wayne Circuit Court (November 2, 1984).

Appeal pending: No

Claimant: Helen V. Kuprashuk

Employer: Greyhound Lines

Docket No: B82 02234 82880

CIRCUIT COURT HOLDING: Waiting for the employer to respond to a union grievance and unfamiliarity with Commission filing procedures do not constitute good cause for late filing.

FACTS: The claimant filed her claim late because she had initiated steps to return to her job by filing a grievance which the employer failed to answer immediately and because of unfamiliarity with the Commission filing procedures.

DECISION: The claimant did not have good cause for late filing.

RATIONALE: The Court adopted the decision of the Referee, as affirmed by the Board, which held that "[T]he reasons for [claimant's] late filing were not contained in Rule 210(2) of the Administrative Rules of the Commission ... and in addition, the fact that the claimant alleges unfamiliarity with the Act, and the fact that claimant was waiting for a response to her union grievance, do not constitute justifiable reasons for failing to file a timely claim."


3, 11:NA

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