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Section 28(1)(c)

ABILITY, Evidence, Medical restrictions, Procedure, Waiver of issue

CITE AS: Taylor v United States Postal Service, 163 Mich App 77 (1987).

Appeal pending: No

Claimant: Geneva Taylor

Employer: United States Postal Service

Docket No: UCF84 13552 98942W

COURT OF APPEALS HOLDING: A claimant must establish she is physically capable of performing work of a type for which she has received wages in the past. Claimant's unsubstantiated assertion she could perform work permitted by medical restrictions imposed by her physician is insufficient to establish that she is able to work.

FACTS: Claimant worked as a postal carrier until medical restrictions due to pregnancy made her unable to meet the physical demands of that employment. Claimant worked previously as a salesclerk and asserted that she could perform sales work. However, she was restricted from lifting, pushing or pulling anything over 20-25 pounds, sitting more than 2 hours, standing more than 2 hours, excessive bending, stooping or stretching and could perform inside work only. Claimant acknowledged that salespeople usually stand on their feet all day, but opined she could sit or stand.

DECISION: Claimant is not eligible for benefits because she is not able to perform suitable full time work.

RATIONALE: "In this case, it was factually determined that plaintiff was unable to do the work for which she had previously received wages, including both postal-related employment or any type of sales related employment, because of the restrictions imposed by her physician."

SECONDARY ISSUE: Claimant asserted on appeal that the Referee did not satisfy his duty to assist an unrepresented party. Citing Ackerberg v Grant Community Hospital, 138 Mich App 295 (1984) the Court of Appeals stated: "the failure to raise an issue to the Board of Review precludes raising the issue on review before this court. it has been waived."


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