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Lothian v Rifkin, Shultz & Kingsley, P.C. 6.02

Section 28(1)(a)

SEEKING WORK, Legal secretary

CITE AS: Lothian v Rifkin, Shultz & Kingsley, P.C., No. 47129 (Mich App August 18, 1980).

Appeal pending: No

Claimant: Janice Lothian

Employer: Rifkin, Shultz & Kingsley, P.C.

Docket No: B76 10412 52303

COURT OF APPEALS HOLDING: The claimant failed to establish that she was conducting an exhaustive employment search and was therefore ineligible for unemployment benefits.

FACTS: Claimant had been employed as a legal secretary. During the 12 week period of unemployment, she sought work only a few times, mostly by telephone. She physically visited the offices of prospective employers on only two occasions. Claimant did not seek the assistance of employment agencies and did not use the Detroit Legal News, the publication through which she had obtained her last employment.

DECISION: The claimant was ineligible for unemployment benefits.

RATIONALE: Claimant did not establish that she was genuinely seeking work of a character which she was qualified to perform by past experience and training and for which she had previously received wages.



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