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Buxton v Chrysler Corp 18.02

Section 62(a)

RESTITUTION, Employer credit, Late information from employer, Finality of determination

CITE AS: Buxton v Chrysler Buxton v Chrysler CorporationBuxton v Chrysler Corporation, No. 68053 (Mich App June 1, 1984).

Appeal pending: No

Claimant: Clark W. Buxton

Employer: Chrysler Corporation

Docket No: B74 12158 49663

COURT OF APPEALS HOLDING: The provision of finality in Section 32(b) "applies only to whether the employer is entitled to a credit to its rating account and not to benefits paid to the claimant."

FACTS: The claimant was paid benefits as a result of the employer's late response to the Commission's request for information to determine the claimant's entitlement to unemployment benefits. The claimant was ordered to make restitution pursuant to Section 62(a) for the benefits paid prior to the employer's response.

DECISION: "The benefits paid claimant were properly subject to restitution pursuant to Section 62(a)."

RATIONALE: The Court affirmed the decision of the Circuit Court which held:



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